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Download your extension (.zxp file)

Follow these instructions to download the extension and install it with an Extension Install Utility. This is only available for Mac.

The Windows version is currently under development,

so please wait a little longer.

Premiere Pro - Plugin
Download for Free For Mac / Windows Compatible up to Ver. 15.2
After Effects - Plugin
Download for Free For Mac / Windows Compatible up to Ver. 18.2.1


Install your extension with an Adobe compatible Extension Install Utility

Below are download links for Extension Install Utility.

Once downloaded and installed, use an extension install utility to install your .zxp files.

Anastasiy’s Extension Manager
Download for Free For Mac & Windows
※ About bugs in SOUNDRAW plug-in
Currently, the SOUNDRAW plug-in is not compatible with the latest versions of Pr and Ae.
Pr supports up to Ver. 15.2, and Ae supports up to Ver. 18.2.1.
We are currently developing support for the latest version, but it will take a few more days.
Please downgrade Pr and Ae when using the plug-in.
We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

SOUNDRAW Plug-in is a plugin that allows you to use

all of SOUNDRAW features in Adobe Premiere Pro/After Effects.

This is an innovative tool that lets you create music

for videos intuitively and easily.

The track you create can be played in conjunction with your videos.

All you have to do is click the download button

to seamlessly import your track into Premiere Pro.

Try a whole new creative way to edit videos and music

at the same time on one screen!